Jacks or Better Online Slot Review


The high-stakes world of poker meets the world of online slots in the Jacks or Better slot game. Lord Ping is ready to head to Vegas in this Jacks or Better slot machine review, where we take you through all of the key features and the theme of this Pragmatic Play slot. 

Jacks or Better Slot Details and Features

Jacks or Better slot online is a 5 reel, 20 pay-line game. As you would expect with a name such as Jacks or Better, all of the reels have playing cards on them, and each of the reels works as a card in your hand. The aim of this game is not to land matching symbols as in other slots, but instead to try to create poker hands with the cards on the reels. The better the hand, the bigger your payout!

Although the graphics pale in comparison to newer slots on the market, Jacks or Better slot UK focuses instead on its unique niche of being a poker slot. The same can be said for its lack of extra features, choosing to put the cards at the forefront of the gameplay. 

Game Symbols 

The symbols used in the Jacks or Better slot machine are playing cards, much like in the game of poker. The better your hand, the more money you will win. The best hand is a Royal flush, which is a set of five sequential cards from 10-A with matching suits.


The RTP for Jacks or Better slot game UK varies and could reach a potential 99%. Due to its theme, it’s also a low volatility slot. 

How To Play Jacks or Better

To get started playing the Jacks or Better slot game, search for it on PrimeSlots. Thanks to the Jacks or Better mobile slot, you can also take your poker hand on the go with you on your device of choice!

Slot machines and poker are combined in the Jacks or Better slot machine. The beginning is similar to playing traditional slots in that you just choose your wager amount from the choices available before starting to play. Before you start the game, you should make sure you are familiar with the paytable and make sure the settings are to your liking. 

Jacks or Better casino slot will display each of your successful paylines one at a time, as well as how much you earned on each pay line and your total wins for the spin, so you should know precisely what occurred each time you give the reels a spin. 

Jacks or Better Slot Bonus Features

Since the Jacks or Better slot machine focuses on the game of poker, there aren’t any bonus features to note apart from gaining a good hand. The hands you can get and their payout are as follows:

  • Jacks or Better: Awards 5x your wager if you have any card that is a Jack or above.  
  • Two Pairs: Awards 10x of your wager if you have two pairs of matching cards from any suit.
  • Three of Kind: Awards 15x of your wager if you have 3 matching cards.
  • Straight: Awards 20x your wager if you have 5 cards in sequence. They can be from any suit. 
  • Flush: Awards 30x your wager if you have 5 cards in the same suit.
  • Full House: Awards 45x of your wager by having three cards of the same kind, plus a pair.
  • Four of a Kind: Awards 125x your wager if you have 4 cards with the same number. 
  • Straight Flush: Awards 250x your wager. You can win this by combining five sequential cards of the same suit from 2-10.
  • Royal Flush: Awards 4000x your wager and is achieved by getting five cards in numerical sequence in the same suit from 10-A. 

Review Summary of Jacks or Better Online Slot 

In this Jacks or Better slot review, we have looked at a slot with a difference. Jacks or Better perfectly mixes the worlds of poker and slot machines, meaning it is great for fans of the card game, or poker players that are looking for a slot that appeals to their interest. You need to know the fundamentals of poker to make the most of this slot, so it may not be suitable for newcomers, but is easy to learn when you get your head around things. If you enjoyed our Jacks or Better slot machine review, why not head on over to Lord Ping and play Jacks or Better slot today?



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