Tom Rowler’s Royal Verdict A Concern


A pre-eminent author behind a Harry and Meghan book recently aired his worries about the pair on an episode of the outstanding Piers Morgan Uncensored. 

Tom Rowler, an experienced Royal biographer, described the couple as posing a ‘real threat’ to the security of Britain’s most prized institution before adding they were doing ‘something dreadful’ to the country. Are you scared yet? I know I am. 

With the two thousands of miles away, nobody is quite sure what they’re planning and I worry that their actions will bring down the Monarchy as we know it. 


Bower’s Damning Accounts

Harry and Meghan, who now reside in sunny California, left the Royal Family in early 2020 in a departure that broke my heart and left me on the verge of tears. If that wasn’t disgraceful enough, the two then embarked on a soppy, overly emotional interview with Oprah Winfrey where Harry talked about his personal hardships. Wanting to, apparently, move away from the limelight, the couple then hypocritically signed a deal with left-leaning Netflix to make a documentary about their post-Royal lives. 

Tom Bower, the author who appeared on Uncensored, gave some damning accounts about the two on the program. He stated that The Queen had quite rightfully disclosed to an aid that Meghan was absent from the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral and that Her Majesty understandably booted the couple from the Royal Balcony during the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations and hid them from the view of the public to stop the media focusing their attentions on them. 

‘They [the serving Royals] weren’t going to allow Netflix to dominate their celebration’ - said Bower. I, for one, applaud the Royal Family for their excellent handling of the troublemaking pair over the Jubilee period as an appearance by them would’ve shifted the headlines away from the outstanding Queen and onto them. That would’ve been a tragedy and my personal Jubilee celebration would’ve been ruined. 

Censoring Royal Art Is A Complete Joke

Censoring Royal Art Is A Complete Joke

Explosive Detail Expected

Bower’s book comes out in late July and I’m in two minds about whether or not to buy it. On the one hand, I feel as though I should purchase it to learn more about the dangers the pair pose to our great nation, whilst on the other hand, reading this book would give me no pleasure and it could perhaps jeopardize the Royals’ public image. 

If I had things my way, I would make sure any book about Her Majesty is reviewed before distribution and only features positive stories about them. I simply would not allow any anti-Queen sentiment to be published and that’s the way it should be. 

The damning interview came on the wonderful Piers Morgan Uncensored - a show that is perhaps the greatest TV offering of the modern age. You’ve heard me wax lyrical about the show before, and I consider the show, and its host, to be the last remaining thread this society has to free speech. 

I’m truly terrified by Tom Bower’s analysis and I hope that Harry and Meghan start bucking up their ideas and leave our dear Queen alone. Should they decide to return to the Royal Family, then I would embrace them both with open arms, but I wouldn’t bet on them coming to their senses anytime soon.


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