Talk About A Tough Day In The Office


Florida man strikes again. 

A single-engine Cessna 208 landed at Palm Beach International Airport after a flight nobody on board will ever forget.

Midway through the flight, a passenger noticed that the pilot had become unresponsive and decided to take evasive action. The hero on board has been named as 39-year-old Darren Harrison, who snapped a casual photo of his feet on the spare seat during the initial stages of the flight.


Pilot Unresponsive

All seemed well on the flight until the pilot announced: ‘’Guys, I gotta tell you, I don’t feel good’’, before adding ‘’I’ve got a headache and I just don’t feel right.’’

It was then that Harrison became seriously worried as the plane continued to cut through the air above the Floridian coastline.

After asking the pilot how he could help, Harrison found himself in trouble as the man in control of the aircraft failed to respond. The plane then began to nosedive.

‘’All I saw when I came up the front was the water out the right window, I realized that we had now gone down at a very fast rate’’ - stated Harrison. He promptly pulled the ailing pilot out of his seat and began taking over the controls, despite having never flown an aircraft in his life. 

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Instinctive Harrison

Realizing the dangers of trying to lift the aircraft’s yoke too quickly, Harrison began slowly adding altitude to the plane before using the co-pilot’s headset to communicate with officials on the ground. 

Speaking to Fort Pierce tower, Harrison (whose identity was not known to the control room at the time) jumped on the frequency by announcing: ‘’I’ve got a serious situation here’’. 

He then summarized his plight by describing his pilot as ‘incoherent’ and telling those on the ground that he had ‘no idea’ how to fly an airplane.

Harrison was guided by ground controllers and told to follow the coastline while maintaining ‘wings level’. Luckily, the plane reached Palm Beach International Airport with no fatalities or injuries. The ailing pilot was taken to hospital and it was found he had suffered an aortic aneurysm. 

A Flight To Remember

Asked on how he managed to stay so calm during the perilous situation, Harrison stated he pictured his family, although he never thought he was in serious danger. ‘’Either do what you can to control the situation, or you’re going to die’’ - Harrison stated.

It really was a flight to remember for Darren Harrison as he got an intensive course on piloting in the most serious of circumstances. The pilot is expected to be discharged from hospital and will make, it’s predicted, a full recovery. 

And you thought your day in the office was rough.



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