Stellar Work Prince William


Prince William continued his stellar work by going undercover and selling Big Issue magazines on the streets of London. Much like his late mother, Princess Diana, William is committed to tackling the many problems faced by Britain’s homeless population.

What an amazing thing to do. Fresh off his grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee, the Duke of Cambridge is back to work by raising awareness of homelessness. A world away from Royal life, there are thousands of people on Britain’s streets with no place to call their own. Selfless acts like this make me wonder whether or not the Royal Family really were sent from heaven, but then I’m reminded of the existence of the malevolent Prince Harry. 



Passing residents snapped photos with the Duke of Cambridge and posted them to social media. When one man claimed he couldn’t purchase a magazine due to having no change, Prince William duly unveiled a card machine, determined to sell as many issues as he possibly could. 

Neither William or Kate publicized the event, instead undertaking the act under a veil of silence. Presumably, this was done to avoid the gesture being a PR event rather than a mere act of kindness - something I find very noble and reminds me of the kind of thing I’d do. 

Just last week, in fact, I gave a solitary £5 note to a homeless man in complete secrecy and vowed never to talk about it to avoid accusations of self-promotion. Perhaps that’s where the Royals got their inspiration from and who they model their behavior after. 

I Have Total Confidence In Boris

I Have Total Confidence In Boris

William Committed To Plight Of Homeless

It isn’t the first time Prince William has helped the homeless. In 2009, he spent a night sleeping on the streets in order to better understand the plight of the homeless community and later remarked that the undertaking improved his empathy for them. 

He’s been committed to helping the community ever since and has raised a substantial amount of money for them. In 2019, he began his role as the patron of The Passage, an organization which has helped thousands of homeless people through its seminars, accommodation, and resource center. As the cost-of-living crisis rages on and makes life even tougher for these people, William has been determined to lend a helping hand. 

The Duke of Cambridge’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. His recent act of selling magazines has attracted a flood of positive attention with people calling his actions ‘outstanding’, ‘brilliant’, and showing ‘true integrity’ - words that are often used to describe me, too. 

William Setting A Fine Example

Our Royal Family gets better and better each day. After the glorious Queen celebrated her 70th anniversary, public approval for the Monarchy has reached a fever pitch - something I’m incredibly proud of. 

Much unlike his brother, William is committed to making the establishment more down-to-earth and more in-touch with the struggling Briton. When he’s not handing out Big Issues, he’s working with the FA to help bring football home. He’s a real-life superhero dedicated to stamping out homelessness and helping our national team succeed. 

Last week, the Duke’s wonderful wife, Kate Middleton, made a surprise visit to Evelina Children’s Hospital to surprise patients and staff. It seems there is no end to their good deeds and I cannot wait to see what their next move is

I could wax lyrical about Prince William all day. I salute his efforts to help the lesser-off and look forward to raising my grandchildren during his reign. Despite being worlds away from the homeless population due to my considerable financial success, I have never come across a pair of Royals so in-touch with the public.


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