Police Called Following Row Over Chips


Tempers got out of hand when a 22-year-old man lost his temper over a misadvertised portion of chips.

Brewers Fayre’s chili cheese fries are pictured as coming with chipotle beef chili, sour cream, cheese sauce, and spring onions. When the chips arrived with nothing but the chili, things took a turn for the worse.


Tired Chef

The customer complained about the missing items and was offered a full refund as staff claimed the chef was ‘’too tired’’ to remake their dishes. When this offer was declined, the staff and customer engaged in a fiery verbal battle culminating in a visit from law enforcement. 

James Lewin, the customer in question, shared pictures of his disappointing meal online. The chipotle chili chips cost £5.79 - a hefty price considering the ingredients, and some say his rage is perfectly understandable. 

The incident, which took place in East Sussex, overtook what was supposed to be a happy occasion as he was celebrating his sister’s birthday with his family. After expressing her desire for a cheerful, low-effort meal, Ms. Lewin was instead given a night full of high drama and suspense with an innocuous portion of chips serving as the catalyst. 

I Have Total Confidence In Boris

I Have Total Confidence In Boris

Cocktails Garnished With Moldy Fruit

To make matters worse, the family claimed they were served cocktails garnished with moldy fruit and food that was ‘all in all, terrible’. Staff tried to appease the upset family, but emotions soon got in the way of diplomacy. 

A Brewer’s Fayre spokesperson said: ‘’Whilst not ideal, our team worked to offer alternative solutions, which the guests were unhappy with, and the escalating situation resulted in our team calling the police.’’ 

What A Splendid Jubilee Weekend

What A Splendid Jubilee Weekend

Passionate About Food

Food truly can bring out the best and worst in us. No matter how you look at it, Brewers Fayre should be proud that their food is capable of bringing out such strong emotion in its customers.

Other, perhaps fancier, establishments could only wish that their customer base is so passionate that law enforcement has to be called - and this is something that should surely be featured in their future marketing campaigns. 

Chips are often called England’s national dish. This is why it’s no surprise that Mr. Lewin got so emotional over his order and we can all relate to his pain to some degree. 

Police said they gave both parties words of advice. Mine would be to order your chipotle chili chips when the chefs at Brewers Fayre feel more alert. 


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