Louis Saha Exclusive: Saha defends Vieira


Former France international striker Louis Saha has defended Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira, after he was filmed having an altercation with an Everton fan.

Toffees’ supporters stormed the pitch after their side secured Premier League survival in their penultimate game, by coming back from 2-0 down to beat Palace 3-2 at Goodison Park.

While Vieira was making his way towards the tunnel, he was taunted by an Everton fan – and the Eagles boss lashed out in response.

But Saha feels that the blame lies with the Toffees supporter in question, rather than Vieira.


“We Are All Human Beings”

Speaking exclusively to myself, Lord Ping, he said: “Obviously he [Vieira] is a manager and a public figure and people expect him to react in a calmer way, but we’re all human beings.

“I hate the way that whoever’s in this position will be judged. I know I'm a calm guy but if you come across in my face, I’d have definitely reacted the same.

“It was totally unfair and you have to protect yourself so I defend Patrick as I’d have done the same.

“We need to protect the players [and managers].”

“It’s absolutely ridiculous [that Vieira may be fined now],” Saha continued. 

“The club has put the manager in this position so they can’t expect him not to react.

“There are things that people should not be allowed to do and when you’re in this situation you’re allowed to defend yourself, because the players are in danger.”



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