I urge You To Not Join Picket Lines


Britain’s summer of chaos rages on as British Airways announces it is cutting over 10,000 short-haul flights over the next few weeks.

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg as millions of Brits have been forced to change or cancel their plans and adjust them to the schedules of Mick Lynch’s power-hungry mob. 

Other citizens, mostly Britain’s young and impressionable, can be seen partaking in picket line demonstrations across the country demanding that they get their greasy, underworked mitts on yet more cash. What’s even more appalling is that they’re asking for this during a time of serious economic hardship.


Dangerous Demonstrations 

I can’t stress how dangerous these demonstrations are.  Take it from me - I lived through the perilous 1980s and saw plenty of ‘peaceful’ picket line demonstrations descend into all-out anarchy. 

Stalin-esque leaders like Mick Lynch may seem ‘cool’ when they ‘destroy’ Conservative MPs and innocent broadcast journalists, but may I remind you that there are consequences to supporting this rancid regime and music you’ll have to inevitably face. 

The well-meaning British public now has to endure a summer of unparalleled chaos. Trains have been cancelled, flights grounded, and traffic queues stretch as far as the eye can see. For what? A couple of measly extra pounds in a wage packet and the chance to be a part of the worrying trend of being against the dear Government?

Think for a second and consider how this is affecting the MPs. They’re the ones who rise out of bed each morning, pull back the curtains, and find a country wielding pitchforks and sharing ‘memes’ featuring them in absurd and ‘humorous’ situations. Being a Member of Parliament is, for my money, the single most heroic job in the United Kingdom and those in office deserve more respect. 

I back Patel In Battle Against Fuel Protesters

I back Patel In Battle Against Fuel Protesters

Don’t Contribute To Moral Breakdown 

Joining a picket line may look good for your social media but in reality you are just contributing to the moral breakdown of this great country. Greedy workers have asked for yet more money at a time when inflation is rampant - a move that will only accelerate our fiscal decline further. MPs have been forced to come up with solutions to impossible problems and it’s no wonder why they’re so stressed. 

That’s why I can forgive them for hosting the occasional party during lockdown. Most people can’t possibly imagine the intestinal fortitude it takes to run the United Kingdom and I don’t blame the Government for wanting to have the occasional drink to take the edge off. I’d have done the same if I was in charge (something that may happen soon), yet the public always seem to think they would do a better job. 

I’d urge people everywhere to steer clear of these dreadful demonstrations and remind the protesters that they lack the eloquence of Martin Luther King Jr. and the courage of the  Tiananmen Square protesters. Contemporary British picket line attenders are nothing more than money-hungry leeches and are far greedier than the politicians they take such glee in criticizing. 

If you’re tempted to join a picket line - don’t say I didn’t warn you when you find yourself worshiping a statue of Karl Marx and reciting the national anthem of the Soviet Union.


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