Fury And Joshua Finally Getting It On!


Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua finally agreeing to fight will be one of Britain’s greatest sporting events. I for one will be shadow boxing in front of my television and taking it all in. 

The two great boxers will enter the pantheon of sporting legend when they finally lock horns and showcase Great Britain’s sporting prowess to a wide-eyed global audience. What’s even better is that the fight will take place in the midst of England’s winning World Cup campaign. 


Fight Agreed But Negotiations Ongoing

Fury’s US promoter, Top Rank, echoed sentiments made by the boxer’s UK team by confirming the fight, but adding ‘negotiations are ongoing.’

Joshua’s management team said on Twitter - 258 and Matchroom Boxing can confirm, on behalf of Anthony Joshua, that they accepted all terms presented to us by Fury's team for a fight.

Joshua was recently defeated by Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, whilst Fury’s most recent fight took place back in April 2022 when he defeated Dillian Whyte. 

Anthony Joshua broke down in his post-fight press conference in August, leading to outrageous assertions that the boxer was ‘finished’ and ‘past his peak’. Though it’s indeed true that he lost, I tipped my hat to Joshua’s boxing performance and understand he was likely distracted by the recent departure of Boris Johnson. 

Huge Anticipation

The Fury/Joshua fight has been something of a hopeful wish for boxing fans over the last few years and many thought it would never happen. Previous plans for a bout between the two have never materialized, both fighters have been busy with other opponents, and anticipation for the meeting dwindled. 

However, a recent contractual agreement between the two parties has led to the showdown finally getting the green light. Whilst other generations had Ali/Frazier and Mike Tyson/Lennox Lewis, contemporary boxing fans have clamoured for a Tyson/Fury smackdown for far too long. 

Great Britain The Winner

I can’t possibly predict a individual winner - but one thing I know for sure is that the collective winner will be Great Britain. As England romp their way to World Cup glory by day, our two top boxers will be battling out by night. The world’s eyes will be glued to British sport this Christmas period, and I for one could not be happier. 

Britain is slowly regaining its reputation as world-leaders in the pantheon of sports. With the World Cup and this generational boxing match on the horizon, I’d say our future is looking bright. 


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