Farmers Plight More Important Than Lurpak Price

Farmers Plight More Important Than Lurpak Price

The cost-of-living crisis has seen the price of Lurpak butter ‘soar’ to over £7 a pack.  

Shoppers around the country have been shocked by the massive price increase and have been expressing their disbelief online. However, I argue that £7 for a pack of butter is only expensive if one considers £7 to be a lot of money.  

The amount is nothing for people like me. It’s not uncommon to see me spending large sums of money in supermarkets, restaurants, and clothing outlets and people in my community often look to me as a source of financial inspiration. I’m happy to spend £7 on a packet of butter if it means supporting our farmers and lining the pockets of those responsible for feeding us. Some people call me elitist, but I’d argue my spending habits are an indication of my deep-lying philanthropy.


New Price Not That Expensive

What the media refuses to represent is that there is an entire class of people out there who consider the new price of butter to be marginal. Whether dairy products are £1 or £20, my demographic couldn’t care less and I think it’s outrageous that the media continues to pay us absolutely no attention.

Young people have been by far the most vocal about this price increase and point to it to prove that this country is becoming out of control. These are the same people who are happy to splurge on iced coffees and avocado toast and later complain that they ‘don’t get paid enough’. It’s laughable because if they reduced their money-draining habits, they’d soon realise the new price of butter isn’t even that expensive.  

Rishi Sunak Has my Vote

Rishi Sunak Has my Vote

Why Has The Price Increased? 

So why has butter gone up in price so much? Well, it’s to do with Britain’s dairy farmers facing a labour shortage. After our heroic exit from the European Union, the quality and quantity of job applicants has gone down, leaving our farmers short staffed and unable to produce as much dairy as they used to.  

Most people will blame Brexit for this, but I choose to blame the public. They’re the ones who are hypocritical enough to lambast British farmers for raising their prices, yet they do nothing to help them in their hour of need. It is, after all, much easier to denounce the dairy industry on social media in an attempt to get likes than it is to roll up your sleeves and help them in their efforts.  

Arla, the parent company behind Lurpak and Cravendale, say that prices will increase in the future and that dairy shortages are very likely. The rising cost of fuel and fertiliser has made dairy farming a much harder process than it was even three years ago and the staff shortages only compound their issues further.  

A Requiem For Boris Johnson

A Requiem For Boris Johnson

Farmers Plight Should Be The Focus

I think it’s a disgrace that our farmers have to endure such poor conditions. Their plight is the real issue at hand here, not the price increase of their products. Brexit was supposed to, and eventually will, make their lives easier and it’s a tragedy that COVID-19 hit when it did.  

Butter prices could double overnight and I couldn’t care less because it’s not an economic issue, it’s a mindset one. Seven English pounds may sound like a lot of money if you think it to be, but a quick change of perspective reveals it’s still rather cheap.  



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