Extinction Rebellion Vandals At It Again!


The UK heatwave has brought several lunatics out of the woodwork and the much-maligned Extinction Rebellion (known as XR) are no exception. 

Earlier this week, XR protesters vandalized the London offices of News UK after they disapproved of the media coverage surrounding the heatwave. Vandals smashed glass panels and displayed terrifying posters reading ‘’tell the truth’’ and ‘’40c = death.’’

Aiming their vitriol at the innocent Rupert Murdoch, XR claim that large, corporate newspapers are portraying the glorious weather inaccurately and are not explaining the reasons behind why the temperatures of the country have soared.


Murdoch Targeted

I don’t know about you, but I find the weather to be nothing short of splendid and it’s a shame this kind of heat wasn’t with us more often. UK beaches, unrivaled in their beauty, were full of sunbathers, swimmers, and snorkelers this week in scenes that could easily have been mistaken as taking place in the Galapagos Islands or French Riviera. 

The scent of barbequed food filled the warm air and children played outside - making the most out of the idyllic weather. The sun was, and still is, paradise and I’m not going to sit back and let the perpetually-offended XR ruin this period of bliss. 

Nor am I going to allow them to slander the name of the wonderful Rupert Murdoch after all he’s done for us. Murdoch’s papers have been a part of my life for decades and they’ve given me tremendous insight into world events. However, due to his success and household status, he’s an easy target for under-achieving and overly-entitled critics. Sometimes I think these people just don’t like seeing a person succeed. 

Censoring Royal Art Is A Complete Joke

Censoring Royal Art Is A Complete Joke

No Pleasing XR

XR claimed that they took ‘nonviolent’ action over coverage of the weather, but I’d compare the scenes in London to a descriptive protest. An XR spokesperson, clearly indoctrinated by their agenda, stated: ‘’Instead of warning leaders of the increased risks of such heatwaves as the climate crisis intensifies, the Sun chose to cover their front pages in images of women in bikinis, beachgoers, and happy toddlers with ice creams.’’

I don’t know what problem XR has with the public enjoying themselves, but I can only assume the group is on a mission to take over the country and stop us all from enjoying themselves. I’m willing to bet that XR disciples often complain about our usually cold and gray weather, yet they throw their toys out of the pram whenever Great Britain experiences a period of sunshine. There’s simply no pleasing them and it’s of my opinion, and the opinion of many others, that this disgraceful organization be outlawed entirely.

Be Grateful For The Weather 

The recent protests do not mark the first time that XR have targeted Rupert Murdoch. Two years ago, the group managed to successfully block printing presses used by Murdoch’s papers. Both The Sun and The Times had their production processes delayed at the hands of the group and I’m sure they were very happy with themselves for the feat. They honestly make me sick and I’m outraged that they chose to go after the aged Rupert Murdoch - a man who is now in his 90s. 

Climate-change may very well be real, I’m not here to say it’s not, but let’s all count our blessings and remember that the United Kingdom finally has temperatures on-par with other European countries. Such a feat could only happen in a post-Brexit Britain, and our clear skies serve as yet more evidence that Britain is becoming the country we all know it has the potential to be.


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